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Relevant Coffee is a Vancouver proud, community focused coffee roaster and hospitality company. We source exceptional coffees from sustainable and quality-driven farmers around the world. It’s our intention to provide a welcoming space for anyone seeking an honest specialty coffee experience.


Help Us Jumpstart Our Next Chapter

As we push to finish the next phase of Relevant Coffee we are looking to team up with you, our guests. The driving goal of the Founders Club is to encompass the community of people who know and believe in our product and the way we serve it. With your support we will be able to execute our vision to the fullest. Take a look at each of our founding levels, you will see that we are offering some unique rewards as our way to say thank you for your help.



Situated between Vancouver’s historic Hough and Arnada neighborhoods, Relevant's café has become the heartbeat of the community. A place for neighbors, friends, and tourists to connect with each other and enjoy a rotating selection of brewed coffees, seasonal espresso, and specialty drinks.


1703 Main St. Suite A Vancouver, WA 98663


6:00am to 6:00pm Daily